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What chemicals are you spraying around, rubbing on or treating your kids with?

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This is a question that I never thought about  . . . until recently.  So now I have to ask myself  "Did this make me a bad mother?"  I just trusted what companies were putting out there for me.  I guess I just assumed that they cared about the safety of my kids.  If it felt good, and it smelled good, and made my babies skin kissably soft, I was all over it! 

I have been so blessed to see the outpouring of love and support for the heart-tugging challenge I am going through with Greyson.  And you know me . . . I will go to the ends of the earth to protect my kids.   I am realizing that if I don't look out for what I am exposing my precious babies to - no one else will.  For those who know me best they know that I am a freak about the smell of lavender.  I have it everywhere . . . lavender soap, lavender shampoo, lavender cleaning products and I even tried to find lavender toilet paper - WTF! 

As my skin care guru Shelly Maguire screams at me "Jenni, read your labels!!!! (she has drilled that into my head) You buy everything with lavender but where do you even see the word lavender on your product ingredients list?  In a majority of skin and body products, even our home cleaning products, the word "fragrance" is there - but no trace of the word lavender.  That's because it is much cheaper and easier to create the synthetic smell of lavender as opposed to using the pure grade of essential lavender oil."  



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