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No can be positive

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Open the magazines, watch the commercials or walk down the cosmetic aisle and it is easy to feel insecure about your skin care purchases.  Let's be honest - we all are in search of that miracle product that is going to transform our skin virtually overnight. And none of us want to miss out on the latest and greatest skin care crazes. Everything from vampire facelifts, to bee venom treatments to snail slime exfoliation seem to be all the rage. We want to say "Yes" to it all  - but you might find that saying "No" can be just as gratifying for your peace of mind - and your skin. Sometimes what's not in a skin care product can be just as important as what's in it!

Studies prove that what goes on us, also goes in us.  But it can be overwhelming to try to decipher each ingredient, word by word, in every product.  That is why our Naturally Woww brand is proud to display what we say "no" to - before you say "yes" to your next purchase:

No artificial color

No artificial fragrance

No phthalates

No formaldehyde donors

No sulfates

No butylene glycol

No animal testing

No parabens

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