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Is the age of selfies - aging you?

March 11, 2019 | Naturally Woww

Is the age of selfies - aging you?

Let's face it, we are addicted to our cell phones and electronics. From endless hours of tweeting out our fleeting thoughts, to capturing our perfect selfie - we can't seem to put our phones down. As a connected society, 85% of us spend 6 or more hours every day on our electronics and we check our cell phones an average of 60 times a day.

Okay, so what's the problem? Did you know, studies show that constant electronic connecting is damaging to your skin?

Blue light (HEV) is what’s partly powering your electronics (TV, cell phones and computers). You may find it frightening to know that blue light rays actually penetrate deeper into the lower layers of skin compared to UVA and UVB (aka sunlight). Research reveals that blue light damage may have the same effect as UVA when it comes to the premature aging of your skin. The visible effects include increased moisture loss, the worsening of dark spots and the opportunity for skin conditions like eczema. Additional concerns are the damage you don't see under the skin that will surface years from now.

So what can you do? Unfortunately, traditional sunscreens do not offer protection against artificial blue light. However, products rich in antioxidants can help to keep skin hydrated and offer blue light defense.

Naturally Woww's 24/7 Bio Protect Moisturizer contains plant-based nutrients like algae that are clinically proven to strengthen skin to defend against the visible signs of aging from blue light. In addition, it also helps optimize collagen and reduce the appearance of uneven spots - now and in the future.

Remember that protection and prevention are key to lasting healthy skin!

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