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Is the age of selfies - aging you?

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Let's face it, we are addicted to our cell phones and electronics.  From endless hours of tweeting out our thoughts and experiences, to capturing our cutest poses or replying to countless emails - we can't put our phones down.  We are a connected society; 85% of us spend 6 or more hours every day on our electronics and we check our cell phones an average of 60 times a day.

OK, so what's the problem?  Did you know studies now show all of that electronic connecting is damaging to your skin!

We all know that UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause our skin to age.  What is now being uncovered is that 10% of sunlight is HEV (high energy visible) or blue light, and this sunlight can also have similar aging effects on skin.  Additionally, blue light is also emitted from our cell phones, laptops, computers and electronics. The visible damage on your skin from what is now being coined "Screen Face" - includes hyperpigmentation and melasma (brown spots), as well as premature wrinkles.  Additional concerns are the damage you don't see under the skin that will surface years from now, and make us look older than our years.

Even though the future aging of our skin is uncertain, one thing is certain - there is no way we are putting our phones down and shutting off our computers.  So what can you do? Check your cell phone settings to see if you can turn off your blue light. Many phones have this option. You should also seek out skin care products that offer antioxidant protection, keep skin hydrated and offer blue light defense ingredients.

Remember that protection and prevention will keep your skin looking healthy.  You will look glowing now and into the future!

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